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When you have an accident, no matter how major or minor, your expectations for returning your car to its original condition (or better in some cases!) are high. At Savoy Auto Centre, our aim is to meet your expectations and leave you with the peace of mind that your vehicle is in the most capable hands when it comes to auto repair and body finishing.


We have been specialising in auto body repair and paint services since 1986. We understand how complex the process is of restoring your car to pre-accident condition. From accurate initial assessment of the damage, through choosing the right methods for the repair to completion of high standards repairs require a substantial expertise in different areas. We are an RAC registered repair centre and work closely with all motor insurance companies.

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Whatever make or model of car you have, call Savoy Auto Centre when you need it servicing or repairing. We have a wealth of experience, and our prices are always very competitive. Our time served specialists can work with confidence on all makes of vehicles.

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Make your car look as good as new, after an accident. We get rid of dents, bumps and scratches. We also provide car restoration and re-sprays.

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If your vehicle has suffered heavy accident damage, it is essential that the chassis is repaired to its manufacturers specification, the chassis be measured and pulled by using a Body Alignment Jig. This is an important part of a safe crash repair process, we can do this by using one of the best Body Alignment Jigs in the industry to ensure safe and correct repairs to your vehicle.

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Are you worried about your car or van failing the MOT test? We'll carry out a thorough pre-test inspection, and carry out speedy repairs. It's one less thing to worry about.