RAC Approved Repair Centre

RAC takes great care when appointing an approved repairer to their network so you can be assured quality service and repairs.

Complying with our high standard of service and facilities, RAC Approved Repairers are experienced and licensed motor mechanics performing general servicing and repairs to specialist repairs including auto-electrical, air-conditioning, exhausts, radiators and automotive transmissions, to name a few.

Body Alignment Jig

If your vehicle has suffered heavy accident damage, it is essential that the chassis is repaired to its manufacturers specification, the chassis be measured and pulled by using a Body Alignment Jig.

This is an important part of a safe crash repair process, we can do this by using one of the best Body Alignment Jigs in the industry to ensure safe and correct repairs to your vehicle.





NEW: Engine Reconditioning Service

So your Head gaskets blown, the car is producing a horrible knocking noise from the engine, the engine has seized, the big ends have gone! So what to do? We offer a complete precision repair service to cylinder blocks, pistons, cylinder head? Why not take a look at our engine rebuild service (petrol and diesel) for general motorists or the Transport Industry, as well as marine engines. We can rebuild engines on all types of vehicles including old vintage and motor sport cars.

  • Cylinder head specialists
  • Pressure testing
  • Engine block repairs
  • Crank grinding
  • Thread repairs
  • Gas cylinder heads
  • Damaged Studs
  • Specialist Sport/Race Engine Build Service